Tile, stone and ceramics Global Innovation Spanv (JNS) replace cement, white cement and glue Sramk and is resistant insulation.
When using this product, no insulation levels before running stone, ceramic tile is not. After preparing the surface of the ceramic tile or stone is no need to isolate and waterproof the surface.
instructions :
Liquid spilled into the larger container and slowly add the powder and mix it up like cement.
Then a layer thickness up to half a centimeter on the run. Tile, ceramic or stone like cement install procedure.
After running and complete drying of surface sealant product JNS can use for insulation and strength More Location.

Benefits tile, stone and ceramics:
More than 30 years of useful life
10 years of insurance and guarantees
Alternative materials
Lightweight, inexpensive and very resistant than materials
Can be used on all surfaces (such as stone, cement, plaster, iron, wood, brick, tile, roofing, thatch, etc.)

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