Building insulation and the pool a unique product for insulation All surfaces are easy to implement with high resistance against heat and cold "ideal for tropical and cold" is.

The product is then cut and run in any way be separated from the lack hundred percent waterproof and Water Stop it.
Applicable for all levels, "such as cement, Asphalt Shingles, asphalt, plaster, thatch, insulation and so on."
With this product requires the destruction is not level.
For insulated roofs, pools, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and so on.

1 kg insulation and sealant 1.5 square meters to 10 meters in length.
2 kg for waterproofing sealant 3 square meters and 20 meters long.
10 kg for insulation and sealing 15 square meters to 100 meters in length.
20 kg for insulation and sealing 30 square meters to 200 meters in length.

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