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The difference in polymer nano-materials with nano-silicon hybrid JNS

When the products to enter the realm of the building, the first feature and specification requirements, having long life and resistance to climate change, such as cold, heat and so on. "Like stone, ceramic, cement, bricks, etc., which have a life span of some 10 years." Nano plymer Hybrid Innovations in materials Spanv (JNS), the only product that due to its special composition and passing testing in harsh conditions for two years managed all consumer expectations in the construction sector will provide. This product is no need to mix with other products (such as cement, limestone, water, etc.) in the form of powder and liquid and then combined together for full coverage on the run and a level consistent with the scheme proposed by the applicant with the life and resistance creates over 30 years.
•Years of useful life
•10 year warranty
•Holder of ISO 9001
•One hundred percent waterproof     
•Alternative materials

Easy implementation
•Cheap and affordable
•Anti bacterial
•Usable on all levels    
•In various colors

•Without the need to destroy the
•No need for special equipment
•energy saving
•Applicable to horizontal surfaces, vertical

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